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Finding the perfect interior designer

Updated: May 3

Many homeowners are intimidated when faced with the task of hiring an interior designer. Whether you are moving into a new home or enriching your old-fashioned décor, an interior designer can be your best friend. While you may think that interior designers work only with the rich and famous, who can not be further from the truth. You can select and hire an interior designer to develop and execute an entire project or simply bring one to help you with smaller jobs. You can hire an interior designer for tips and help with things like paint color selection, lighting, source fabrics, shopping furniture or space planning. Hiring an interior designer on an "as needed" basis can save you money and give you a chance to follow your vision when creating the perfect space for you and your family. Now that you have made the decision to hire an interior designer, you need to know the process involved in selecting the right one for your particular project. I will destroy your fears and help you feel comfortable with the idea of ​​collaborating with an interior designer. You will learn everything you need to know about how to find one, the interview process and finally working with a professional designer.

Decide exactly what you want

  1. Another element to consider is your personal style. When discussing your taste in decor with an interior designer, you need to be very specific about what you like and dislike.

  2. A good interior designer should be able to put his personal style on the back burner and focus exclusively on you. Avoid interior designers who have a signature look - unless, of course, they look mesh with the design. your taste.

  3. The best way to find out about the style and range of the designer is to ask to view the portfolio. If you don't connect to any of the designer's work, it's time to move on to another designer.

Determine the budget

  1. Based on the size and purpose of your project, you need to set a working budget. This is an amount that should be discussed in advance with an interior designer. Some designers will not take small projects / budgets, so this will help you eliminate a few candidates immediately.

  2. Also keep in mind that some designers will charge up to the time for the initial consultation. Sometimes this fee will be included in the job price, but make sure you get all the details before setting up meetings with potential designers.